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Concept, Tone of Voice, Branding, Campaign

Print, Digital


I work collaboratively with the in-house creative team at Pret when they need a little extra in the copy department. Much like the numerous revisions to their brownie recipe, we chop and change until everyone’s happy. 

Working with one of the most recognisable brands for tone in the UK, this can certainly be a challenge, but one I love to get my teeth sunk into. 


Book: Good Stuff

Every couple of years or so, the Pret team sit down and decide what their focus will be. The result of this is a lovely printed book for customers to leaf through in stores as they enjoy a cup of delicious coffee. I worked with the team to write the narratives for Good Stuff, which sets out all the great things they’re creating for your lunch, their staff, and the planet (so nothing too major…)

In-store Display: Passion Facts

With the Good Stuff book signed off, it was time to refine the messaging even further to create new passion facts for in-store signage. You know, those quippy statements on the walls that accompany the art. How wonderful!

Packaging: Pret Christmas 2018

Like all brands, Pret have a Christmas campaign. So in August, I took my notepad with me to Miami (multi-tasking is a freelancer’s best friend) and set about refining the messaging for Xmas 2018: Pret’s Rising Stars. This campaign highlighted the wonderful work Pret’s doing to create jobs for the homeless, via coffee cups, napkins and sandwich boxes.