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VirgIn Voyages

Branding, Concept, Website, App,

Agency: Poke


For 6 months I was embedded in a huge team of designers and UXers, creating a new brand for Richard Branson’s cruise line start up.  

One of the many challenges of creating and writing for a new brand is realising the point at which you’ve hit on a tone that actually stands out. A new and different voice, that makes people stop, read and listen. 

Same voice, different conversation.

Even more challenging was the need to make this voice work across consumer and business platforms. The consumer voice is cheeky, and directly targeted at a very specific group. Puns take a leading role, but not so many you start to feel green around the gills.


The brand’s still mostly under wraps, but here’s a little taste of the B2B travel partner site, First Mates, and the Sailor app.


I was tasked with taking the brand voice and creating something unique from it that would work for the B2B travel partners site. What would make the type of agent who gets the brand, want to sign up and register?

To find out, I flew to Miami for a week-long workshop. (Yes - really!)

And I’m thrilled to say the sales team were bowled over with the end result.

Sailor app:

With the website signed off and into development, I joined the app team on a brief that really pushed the limits of possibility (at the last count, we had over 600 screens).

Working in design sprints in an agile process, we mapped out user journeys to create the experience we wanted sailors to have. From food delivery and taking the queue out of meal times, to booking an event or getting a water refill (no plastic here), this was creatively-driven experience design.